A seedable randomizer.


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A seedable randomizer.


This lib can be used in both node environment and browser environment. dist/index(.min).js defines an es module, and dist/index.umd(.min).js defines a umd module.


// The export object itself is an instance
// of Randomizer which is seeded by Date.now().
// You can create your own randomizer via the
// exported constructor.
const randomizer = new Random.Randomizer(seed);


  • Randomizer
    • seed number - The seed of the randomizer.
    • cursor number - The cursor.
    • float(min = 0, max = 1) number - Get a random float in (min, max).
    • int(min = 1, max = 100) number - Get an random integer in [min, max].
    • boolean() boolean - Get a random boolean value.
    • string(radix = 16, upperCase = true) string - Get a random string.
    • element<T>(arrayLike: ArrayLike<T>) T - Get a random element.
    • reset(seed?: number) this - Reset the randomizer.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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